April 29, 2004

Operation Fubar: making progress

  • Car bomb kills eight US troops south of Baghdad.
  • Total killed so far today: 10.
  • More US troops killed in April than in "major combat" in Iraq
  • 722
  • US rushes armor to Iraq, Fallujah siege rumbles on
  • Didn't Bush say we had to go to war to stop Saddam from doing things like this? US Army torturing Iraqi prisoners
  • War crimes in Fallujah "on a scale unprecedented for this war"
  • Bush's approval rating at all-time low
  • Poll: Iraqis split over whether Iraq is better off
  • US support for Iraq war is waning
  • Congress prepares for new Iraq spending
  • Former Saddam Hussein loyalists will now fight current Saddam Hussein loyalists

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