April 28, 2004

A sterling record
'After risking his life in Vietnam to save others, John Kerry earned the right to speak out against a war he believed was wrong.'

I believe those who didn't serve, or didn't show up for service, should just shut the fuck u {Sorry - ed.} have the decency to respect those who did serve — often under the most dangerous conditions, with bravery and, yes, with undeniable patriotism.
- hero/patriot Wesley Clark.

We rejoin the Scott McClellan asspounding, already in progress.

Q: Okay. Regarding Kerry, there's been much that has been made about whether or not he has thrown away his ribbons, his medals, or pretended to, or whatever. Kerry says it's a smear campaign. He also says that it's a phony controversy. But he goes beyond that, and he says that this comes from a President who can't even show or prove that he showed up for duty in the National Guard. Your response?

Scott: I think you're asking to get into political attacks by Senator Kerry. {Ed: excuse me??} This is the latest political attack. And I think that those questions are best directed to the campaign.

Q: But his campaign manager says that there is no place, really, to even look at his record or even what happened after his record, because --

Scott: Well, Suzanne, no one is --

Q: -- Bush and Cheney did not serve in Vietnam. Do you think that's fair?

Scott: gah!

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