May 29, 2004

War criminals
"Bush's persistence in describing the abuse of foreign prisoners as an isolated problem at one Iraqi prison is blatantly at odds with the facts seeping out from his administration. These include mounting reports of crimes at detention facilities across Iraq and Afghanistan and evidence that detention policies the president approved helped set the stage for torture and homicide... It is horrifying to contemplate that US interrogators have tortured and killed foreign prisoners and that their superiors have ignored or covered up their crimes - and yet that is where the available facts point."

- from an editorial in the WaPo.

"Rumsfeld, he with the lack of conquest planning, and Powell, with the lack of guts, should both resign. The Shrubhead should be impeached for being the lying or credulous, but certainly incompetent, bag of treason he is."

- Jane Wallace Claymore, in the Charleston Gazette.

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