September 28, 2004

Swagger vs. substance
Oooohh, he's so manly and resolute! And though he resembles a retarded chimp, at least he doesn't look French!

Or - horrors! - tanned.*

Let's face it: whatever happens in Thursday's debate, cable news will proclaim pResident Bush the winner. This will reflect the political bias so evident during the party conventions. It will also reflect the undoubted fact that Mr. Bush does a pretty good Clint Eastwood imitation.

But what will the print media do? Let's hope they don't do what they did four years ago.

With so much at stake, the public deserves better.
- Paul Krugman, on the miserable performance of the whore media presstitutes.

*See today's drudge report, if you want to puke from ennui.

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While we're on the subject...

Some of what we think will be GW Bush's talking points during the debates:
9/11 changed everything
Saddam used weapons against his own people!
If I have to choose between taking the word of a madman and protecting the 'Merican people, I choose the 'Merican people everytime.
The world is better off without Saddam in power
I inherited a recession
He's gonna raise taxes
We're turnin' the corner
Mixed messages embolden the terrists/hurt our troops
Saddam refused to let the inspectors in
Changin' his position

All said with that stupid squinty-eyed smirk as he's draped over the podium like a big bag of shit on a hot day.

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