January 25, 2005

Bush's 300 billion-dollar boondoggle
"A record amount that shatters initial estimates."

The Bushies have asked for another $80 billion in new funding for their Iraqi fiasco, on top of the $25 billion in emergency spending already approved.

Defense analyst John Pike said the Pentagon might need even more money later this year "because everything is so very, very fucked up we just don't know the rate at which the insurgency will grow or subside."

Oh, and the misadministration is also considering including $1 billion to $2 billion to construct a new US embassy complex in Baghdad, presumably to protect against thrown flowers.

In a related story, the boy king, after saying he would honor an Iraqi request to withdraw, now says the US will keep 120,000 troops in Iraq for next 2 years.

"It's yore money!"
- Preznit Privilege.

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