January 25, 2005

You're either with us or against us, Poutine!*
Statesman and uniter George Dumbass Bush wasn't trying to strong-arm Canadians on missile defence in a meeting last month with their Prime Minister, US officials had to explain on Monday.

In the meeting, Bush "waved off attempts to explain how contentious the issue is" and "leaned across the table and said: 'I'm not taking this position, but some future president is going to say: Why are we paying to defend Canada.'"

Meanwhile, some future prime minister is wondering if he's going to have to defend Canada from the US.

The WH toadies were already spinning. "The prime minister needs to look like he's not caving to Bush on this and they need Bush to look like a jerk," said a 'US lobbyist.'

Well, THAT part ought to be easy enough.

*A past example of Bush building relationships with our northern neighbor.

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