December 20, 2006

Dur de dur de dur
Awol von Bunnypants, who has long insisted we were "absolutely winning" in Iraq, decided Tuesday for the first time that we were not. He also said we weren't losing. And that we're still makin' progress.

In an interview with the WaComPo, he said he plans to increase the number of targets troops "to fight a long-term battle against terrism," which is separate from his search for a new way forward in Iraq. Which he still has not yet made a decision on yet.

Top generals have expressed concern that even temporarily shipping thousands of more troops would be largely ineffective in the absence of new political and economic steps, and that it would leave the Army and Marine Corps even thinner once the surge ended.

They also worry that it feeds a perception that the strife and chaos in Iraq is mainly a military problem; in their view it is largely political, fed by economic distress.

"Who cares what they think? Ah'll figure something out nex' month," the Decider decided. "An' ah'll come forward with a plan. We're gonna develop a strategy that helps the Iraqis sustain, govern an' defend itself. An' Santa's gonna bring me a new bicycle!"