December 28, 2006

Suck it, pukes
"Overnight, the spirit of Edward R. Murrow was reborn."

What a month it has been for the right wing religious conservative cabal attempting to subvert the very meaning of America. First voters overwhelmingly reject their God-anointed leader Pres. George W(orst) Bush. Then The Nativity Story is rejected not only by pagans, Jews and Muslims but most Christians. Now comes word that not only has their beloved mouthpiece of fair and balanced news reporting - Fox News - dropped out of the top ten most watched cable channels but, oh horror of horror, Keith Olbermann's nightly reminder that Bush was anointed by the Supreme Court and not God is single-handedly responsible for increasing the viewership of MSNBC 25% over this time a year ago.

[H]e has become the premier spokesman for the disenfranchised American patriot who has watched in disbelief as Americans by the millions confused supporting the eternal ideal of America with supporting a patently delusional spoiled brat rummy whose decision to send men and women to war is based on nothing more substantial that wanting to prove to mommy that he's the real man in the family.
- seen at BartCop.