February 27, 2007

Pander, pander, pander
A conservatard columnist for inHuman Events and the Conservative Fishwrap and editor of GoPuke.com writes:

This year, we have a new pander bear: Sen. John McCain. In fact, he panders to anyone who will listen.

I have solid conservative friends who are now working in the McCain campaign. They have convinced themselves that the senator is the best the Republican Party has to offer this time around. I simply cannot agree. Having worked in politics over the years, and having maintained contact with those still in the political trenches in Iowa and elsewhere, I have seen little excitement for McCain. Conservative Republicans, for the most part, simply do not trust him...

In this time of global terror, moral breakdown and fiscal crisis, the United States of America needs a commander in chief, not a panderer in chief.
Fun fact: the Moonie Times reports that independent voters are abandoning McCain "in droves, a trend election analysts say could be fatal to his 2008 presidential hopes."

Bonus: conservaturd toe-sucking dwarf Dick Morris says the John McCain candidacy "may be dying before our eyes," thanks to Rudy Giuliani and to the former maverick's pathetic leg-humping of the Bush misadministration.

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