August 30, 2007

Bunnypants' behavior gets more baffling every day


[Chimpy McSquirtypants] only makes things worse by howling that any pullback would erode American power and embolden the terrorists. Even if his warning is true, for a president to state it so urgently, over and over and over and over, deepens the damage when the storm hits. And given that the storm is certain to hit, it's irresponsible -- it's baffling -- that he's howling so loudly.

Why does the preznit hate America??


farang said...

Ok, lucky me, I get "ABC" on my tv. That's as in Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

So, guess what the lead story was? Yep, Bush comin' to town.

Oh. God. Do all people of the world think Americans are like Bush? Fuck me running.

First words from the mental midget male cheerleader: "I I I got a lot on mah mind." That smirky smile, tilt of the head,furrowing that forehead like a dog that can't find it's own balls to lick anymore... that was it, "I got a lot on mah mind."

On the disruption the security lockdown will cause in the city: "Well, I just hope the people of the city uh uh understand the necessity for the security." A simple sorry being a precious commodity to be never given out to strangers, evidently. That was it. Fuck, stupid dogs are smarter than this bloody fool.

On the likely replacement of his Aussie poodle Howard: " I just hope he understands the conditions on the ground before he makes any decisions....we're gonna be successful." Entire interview, word for word. That tilt of his head again like a puppy seeking a pat, with those shifty eyes and the fucking smirk. Evil fuck.

The ONE sentence that the opposition candidate was allowed (I think Murdoch, the Zionist, owns this network): "They have one view of Iraq, we have another."

Hell yeah. Hearin' that from the chosen Democratic "favs" the msm has selected fer ya?

But, all is not so bad: he is shown, no kidding, posing with Howard.

The opposition was doing cartwheels in their H.Q., popping corks and cheering. Well, maybe they were, I'm guessing.

Man, I'd love to see which way the Aussie polls move after Howard is seen with a WAR CRIMINAL. And known homosexual.

Hahahahaha, still consequence impaired. "Trouble with that vision thing" an inherited gene in Republicans.

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