November 30, 2007

Suck on This!! A Little Longer, I'm Almost There

and I promise not to cum in your mouth....THIS time.
Last January, the commander guy/decider boldly proclaimed:

To establish its authority, the Iraqi government plans to take responsibility for security in all of Iraq's provinces by November.
Today must be one busy fucking busy day in Iraqnam. Of course Maliki, taking a lesson from his American overlords, intends to outsource said security Americans and Halliburton. In November....of the year the oil runs out.


JSN said...

OMG, the crystal ball is working again...

the declaration that Iraq is not responsible for the security of all of its provinces will occur... mere days before Election 2008.

This stuff is too easy, give me another!

JSN said...

Crum, delete the word "not" in the above.

big em said...

I don't know about the depiction of W as a 3-card Monte street-scammer -- that requires WAY too much ability for him! He'd fuck that up too -- probably start getting surly with 'the mark' and misdeal his way into heavy losses!

Undeniable Liberal said...

No doubt....that's why the pic is funny.

HRH King Friday XIII said...

And as we now know, in November Turkey started shelling northern Iraq.

Candy and flowers!

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