December 8, 2007

Support the troops ... with the Fetal Attractions Christmas ornament

Jason C sent this over from We Love America and I almost wet my pants --

From the website: "Protect our troops - from the womb to the war. What if the fetus you were going to abort would grow up to be a soldier bringing democracy to a godless dictatorship?

"Plastic replica of an 11-12 week old fetus, 3″ long, holding a firearm in its precious little hand, with an assortment of other military paraphernalia, encased in a translucent plastic ornament, with a patriotic yellow ribbon on top. Includes a metal ornament hanger. If only a womb were this safe, attractive and reasonably priced!

"Show that you support the 'culture of life' by buying and proudly displaying one of these patriotic unborn Americans.

"Also available in a 'Brown' model”

For the car-ribbon stickered dittohead war-on-Christmas knee-jerk mouthbreather in your life!


Anonymous said...

In celebration of Christmas?!!

'cause this is what Jesus is all about, right?

Anonymous said...


ThePoliticalCat said...

Cheeses is the reason for da seizin', dood.

Anonymous said...

N, "Oh Oh Oh," 4 Ashcroft's bloody body-bastin' Crisco rapshur prelude.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Making wombs safe for everyone!!

Anonymous said...

GODDAMMIT!!! They're out of stock.

Anonymous said...

Oh, c'mon, Maru, is this a serious offer or a parody? Try this one at the same site:

Mouse pad w/Jesus & Kalashnikov