January 28, 2008

Bush has big plans for final year

List includes getting new streamers for bicycle "Ol' Paint," sleeping in the bottom bunk for a change, learning to color in between the lines.

When Preznit Partypants delivers his last State of the Union speech tonight, he'll be stealing a page from Ronald McDonald's playbook... what? Whose? Reagan's? Oh, for the love of criminey. That poor sap must be spinning in his grave.

With his poll numbers still sliding into the crapper, the Chimpleton will use the STFU to try to reassure nervous Americans about his efforts to rescue the very economy he fucked up, the glorious surge which has only killed five US soldiers today, and to chart a course to stay relevant in thankfully his last year in power, the miserable failure.

Above: the preznit, still "revilint," is not finished destroying America.