January 28, 2008

Well, except for his dick, yeah

And Whitewater, his cock, Travelgate, the Clenis, Vince Foster... The managing editor of townhall.cunt on whore wHowie Kurtz's Reliable Handjob yesterday:

"Well, I think [Bill] Clinton has a duality. You know, he’s the charming guy, he’s the nice guy, but he’s also a guy who’s prone to eruptions and some falsehoods.

"You know, he’s like the Incredible Hulk, except he turns sort of purple and blotchy instead of green. But, you know, I think he’s sort of a victim of the - or not a victim, but he’s getting used to the 24-hour news cycle. When he was president, he was not subjected to quite as much scrutiny, and I think he got a lot of passes, and now he’s mad he’s not getting them anymore."
Fucking stupid bint. Unbelievable. Video here.