January 30, 2008

Gpuke propaganda nutwork in desperate straits

After years of sucking up to and being the smegfilled mouthpiece of the GOP, Fox Noise is seeing the future and it doesn't smell too good. Eric Boehlert explains:

Bottom line is that Fox News is in for a very rough 2008. And the reason for that is quite simple: Eight years ago the all-news cable channel went all-in on the presidency of George Bush and became a broadcast partner with the White House.

The point is that Fox News years ago made an obvious decision to appeal almost exclusively to Republican viewers. The good news then for Fox News was that it succeeded. The bad news now for Fox News is that it succeeded.

Meaning, when the GOP catches a cold, everybody at Fox News gets sick. As blogger Logan Murphy put it at Crooks and Liars, "Watching FOXNews getting their comeuppance has been fun to watch. They made their bed, now they're having to lie in it and it's not too comfortable."

Plus their anointed candidate, Rudy Giuliani, failed spectacularly and has dropped out of the race. Oh, sweet sweet schadenfreude, how happy you make me.