January 30, 2008

Mitt Romney: "work till you die"

Willard Whitebread McWaffles, compassionate conservaturd, talks to CNN’s Anderson Cooper about his economic ideas for the future of America:

Cooper: "If you were president, what additional steps would you take to try and avoid a recession?"

Romney: "I think people sixty five and older should not have payroll taxes taken out of their wages to allow folks to stay in the work force and to keep more of their income. They’ve paid for social security already. Let’s build up our work force and not go outside of the country to bring immigrants. Let’s let our own people keep more of their money and stay in the work force."
"Now, get out there and prune my shrubbery, old man!"


Phil said...

How nice of the motherfucker to think about my prospects of retiring.
His Buddies have already made sure I have to work till I'm fucking 67 before I can open my dusty mailbox to find out they have managed to kill any prospects of the social security I have been paying into for 25 fucking years.

Take a big suck outta my ass, ALL you fucking Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Another millionaire corporate ruling-class piglet tells the lower working-classes what's good for them. Yep, we really need that. Uh-huh.

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Phil said...

You fucking cunt pustule.
Quit spamming posts that are so old no one knows they still exist. I have already turned your stupid ass in to Google several times for your Spam bullshit so it will be a matter of time until they spank your ass