January 30, 2008

McCain wins Florida as conservatards cringe

"Few Republicans are as reviled by elite conservatives as McCain. On a litany of issues, including immigration, campaign finance reform, judicial nominations, and taxes, McCain has angered important constituencies within the conservative movement." -- the american expectorator

"McCain's liberal record..." -- the Moonie Times

"The conservative base is beginning to mutter loudly about how Mr. McCain's competing priorities could threaten his ability and willingness to push solid nominees past a Democratic Senate." -- Whore St Journal op-ed

"The GOP nomination is over. Conservatives need to start practicing the phrase "Nominee presumptive John McCa....." Sorry, I can't say it. Not yet. " -- the National Fishwrap

"McCain clearly does not believe in conservative jurisprudence. After all, this is the man who is responsible for the biggest roll-back of constitutional rights in living memory." -- american stinker

"We hear what he says now. But we know what he has done for years: Insult the base, trash the base, and pay lip service to the base." -- Our Lady of the Concentration Camps

"There is only one conservative in the bunch, and that would be Mitt Romney." -- kNeal Boor-tz

And from circlejerk central:

"I'm angry about how things are going, I won't mince my words. To watch the Establishment shove McCain into us disgusts me."

"I fear for my country"

"I believe this is the beginning of the end of the country I knew"

"Fight the Evil McCain Forces!! No surrender, no retreat!"

"Basically, unless mitt takes something BIG, as you said, we ar f**ked."

"It just keeps coming to mind all those people who insist that this is indeed Satan’s world...."

"It’s time to look at a third party. We’re so screwed."

"This is the beginning of the end of America as we knew it."

"I guess it comes down to the lesser of two evils. I pick Romney."

"It is over. The conservative 'movement' within the GOP is kaput."

☺ I love the sound of repuke whining in the morning! ☺