February 29, 2008

Gas? Expensive?

Like father, like spawn. Comments by Tipsy McStaggers yesterday raised questions about "his level of awareness" of what Americans are paying for gasoline, says the Duh Institute (in conjunction with CBS News).

"Worried about paying $3"?? In many parts of the country, the price at the pump has been more than $3 a gallon for days. AAA and the Oil Price Information Service report nationwide gas prices average just over $3.15 a gallon. Regular is selling for $4.23 at a San Mateo, Calif., service station where premium goes for $4.43.

Responding to a reporter's questions at a White House news conference yesterday, the out-of-touch BubbleBoy said he had not heard about analysts' predictions of the potential for $4-a-gallon gas later this spring, but he'd be sure to have someone explain it to him before his afternoon nap.
"Adds to list of things he hadn’t heard predicted, like the recession, housing bubble, Iraq insurgency, Dem takeover in Congress and al-Qaeda determined to strike in the US."