February 27, 2008

Is It Silly Season? Listen For The Dog Whistles...

Feel free to overanalyze......
Breaking: Newly discovered black boxes from ground zero reveal that Obama was the 22nd highjacker, and the only human in history ever to survive a suicide attack. The Anti-Christ dwells among us.
Allah Ahkbar!


Anonymous said...

i mean, i get where she's going with it... and perhaps she has a point...

...but she's not going to win anyone over acting like such a cunt about it.

and really, when i watch that video, that's about the only word that comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Ah, ding ding ding! Another one bites the dust.
Another fine young man swept under the Kill Hill Bus's latest campaign to pwn yer ass with their most recent character-assassination campaign actually called "C.U.N.T.--Citizens United Not Timid"

You tool.


Antidote to being a pawn in the Hillary Hate character-assassination machine is reading respectful opinions about the woman who truly does not deserve the monstrous denigration our psychotically sexist society perpetuates:




Anonymous said...

Tina Fey on SNL weighs in on Hillary the Bitch


Anonymous said...

I used to like this site...calling Hillary a cunt is about as appropriate as calling Obama a nigger so long Maru, it's been real.

Unknown said...

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