February 27, 2008


Good Christians denounce a Democrat's faith -- after giving Mormon and GOP candidate Mitt Romney a free pass. Via C & L:

Sean Hannity and Rick Santorum attacked Barack Obama’s faith and church last night on Hannity & Corpse. This is nothing new for Hannity since he smeared it before. How quickly he forgets (OK, he didn’t forget) that he defended Mitt Romney’s faith and was vehemently opposed to a litmus test being applied to the former LDS Governor. Expect more of this scurrilous behavior from the wingnut base of the GOP. Harold Ford correctly reminded Spawn of this fact.
Harold Ford: "…even when Mitt Romney, I believe you were supporting for president for a period of time, I mean there were questions about his religion which I thought were completely out of bounds."

Hannity: "But this is different, this is a little bit different."
Ford: "The Mormons said I couldn’t go to Heaven for a period of time and I believe it’s been renounced now."
Sure Sean, he’s not a Republican so it’s A-OK to attack his religion...

And even get the IRS involved.