April 23, 2008

Moron: b Hussein Osama has too much class to be a "regular guy"

"It's too debonaire; it's too Fred Astaire; it's too Kumbaya." -- Chris Matthews, talking about Barack Obama last night.

"Ya know, I can't picture him belching, holding a beer in one hand, a bowling ball in the other, and scratching his... heh! No! I betcha Hillary could, though! Ha!"


And so is everyone who would vote for somebody who would be "fun to have a beer with."


big em said...

Yeah -- I want to vote for the lowest common denominator when I go to the polls. None of that 'competency' stuff for me, thank you! And when I go to have my car fixed, I don't want some 'techie' guy with some machine with dials & knobs all over it fixing it - - I want a guy who's a real 'hammer mechanic' and won't use words I don't understand! Same with doctors, lawyers, professors, and such -- if they don't drink beer, carry at least a 180 bowling average, know NASCAR pole-sitters from the last 3 races, own the Brett Favre Commemorative issue of Sports Illustrated and say 'fuck' with vigor now and then, well I'm not going to have anything to do with them, goddamned elitist know-it-alls! I insist on celebrating my ignorance - - nay, reveling in it!

Chris Vosburg said...

Great montage, Maru!

Waitaminit, where's the Segway dismount?

JasonC said...

hahah........yes, segway has to be one of my all-time favs, as well. lolz.

Bradda said...

Well said sir, this country is way past fucked.

maru said...

Ahhhh! I forgot about the segway incident!

maru said...

Heh: added it! Thanks, guys!

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