July 29, 2008

Who Is Feeling Left Out?

Crying in his beer Geritol about b. HUSSEIN Osama's Obama's popular world tour, septuagenarian crotchety old fart John McSame(R-Dementia) laments that he feels left out, and he's not the only one. Apparently his Arizonian constituents feel the same way.

* 63% - How many votes in the Senate McCain has skipped during the 110th Congress (since January 2007).
* 96 - The number of Senate votes McCain has missed since his last recorded vote on April 8.
* 111 - The number of days since McCain last attended a committee hearing (of the Senate Armed Services Committee, on April 9).
* 25% - How many full SASC hearings McCain has attended during the 110th Congress.
* 89% - How many full SASC hearings McCain has skipped since April 2007 (32 out of the last 36 hearings).
* 2007 - The last year in which McCain attended any Commerce, Science & Transportation Committee hearings or subcommittee hearings.
And the "liberal media" predictably responds with the roaring sound of..............
Crickets chirping(while fucking each other).