September 1, 2008

Must be hard to type with one hand

A Star Is Born?

When the headline and summary came up on Yahoo news, I almost choked on my coffee. Then I saw the "bold" comment and thought 'aha! Bill Kristol! That explains it!'

His stubby fingers webbed together with Rovian spooge, the Always Wrong Assclown sadly wonders what ever happened to the promise of something called 'testicles' and obediently pounds out today's talking points...

It’s amazing what a bold vice-presidential pick who gives a sterling performance when she’s introduced will do for a party’s spirits....

McCain has gambled boldly on Palin. If she flops, McCain could lose by a landslide.

On the other hand, if Palin exceeds expectations, and her selection ends up looking both bold and wise, McCain could win.

The Palin pick already, as Noemie Emery wrote, “Wipes out the image of McCain as the crotchety elder and brings back that of the fly-boy and gambler...

Uh, no. Actually, it makes him look like a desperate, flopsweating panderer.

... which is much more appealing, and the genuine person.” But of course McCain needs Palin to do well to prove he’s a shrewd and prescient gambler.

And bold! Don't forget bold!

'Bold.' Jeebus Christ. Boldly STUPID.