January 16, 2009

The Bush legnatude

Rex Hutting at the liberal commie fishwrap the WSJ has a bone or two to pick with those damn revisionist historians:

"The remarkable thing about George W. Bush wasn't that he was a horrible chief executive; it's that he was horrible in so many ways.

"Contrary to the president's own assessment of his tenure earlier this week, it was an astonishing eight years -- and not in a good way. The country suffered two recessions, and two shooting wars. The government botched its response to a brazen attack by terrorists on two cities, and then four years later utterly failed to react when another city was consumed by a natural disaster. The president took on tyranny by embracing torture. He fought a war for freedom by trampling human rights. He enriched the already rich, excused their excesses, and then bailed them out of trouble and handed us the bill."

A laurel - and hearty handshake - to Ms Malkin's next victim, Rex "de-nutting" Hutting.