January 16, 2009

Bush to "work" from 8,000-square-foot Dallas office

Fuckwit who got paid yet did nothing but harm for the past eight years will get subsidized to do nothing in perpetuity.

A federal agency Taxpayers will provide Preznit GameBoy with an 8,000-square-foot playroom near his restricted, gated Dallas neighborhood when he finally returns to Texas.

Officials with the General Services Administration say the lease on the $311,000-per-year space -- larger than most people's entire homes -- begins this summer. The lease will run 10 years. Until that office is ready, Bunnypants will pretend to work from a 5,300-square-foot office. The federal agency will pay for both offices, which are just a short drive from Bush's $2.1 million home in the Preston Hollow area.
What, the mansion doesn't have a fucking den he could use? A furnished basement? An extra bedroom? A pool house?

Bonus: the Department of Homeland Security will reimburse some of the costs for the Dictator-tot's Secret Service agents. The Department of fucking Homeland Security.