January 29, 2009

More manufactured outrage from the loony right

In this season of reconciliation and hope that we can rise above the past's corrosive polarization, an unhinged yambag at the Retardlican Liberty Caucus starts pulling shit out of his ass:

Palin Derangement Syndrome returns: Blogger mocks governor for wearing glasses

The Palin Derangement Syndrome on the radical left is getting worse. A blogger on the LimeLife.com site is now attacking Gov. Palin for wearing glasses. She didn’t quite call her “four eyes,” but used the slightly more snarky “spectacled one” to describe the former vice presidential nominee and governor of America’s 50th state. Those Leftist writers are so sophisticated. What are they going to do next? Trip retarded kids who are crossing the street?

Yeah, starting with you.

You have GOT to be fucking kidding. Since when does “spectacled one” = snarky? It's rather somewhat dashing in a nerdish kind of way. Like Indiana Jones. But that's just me, a “spectacled one.” Oh, I forgot: us Leftist writers are too sophisticated to wear glasses. Merde en croute!

Jeebus, just when you thought the Demoncrap Derangement Syndrome on the retarded right -- but I repeat myself -- couldn't get any worse... Now they're actively making stuff up to get "outraged" about. Idiots.

Above: typical freetard.