January 29, 2009

With all other problems solved...

Some twat-hole with the initials "Noel Sheppard" (at the conservatard site newsbusters.cum) has nothing else to do but obsess about this:

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama attempted to enter the Oval Office via a panel of windows he mistook for a door. Will media ridicule him for this innocent mistake much as they did George W. Bush when he tried exiting a meeting with reporters in Beijing back in November 2005?

Gawd. Get a fucking life, jerkwad.

Oh, sorry: In this season of reconciliation and hope and in the spirit of generosity, we shall now call the Waahhhhhhhhhmbulance. Cart this whinging assclown away.

Update: one of the roommates tells me this was also a big topic today on Fux and Friends. Sigh. Let's recap...

THIS is retarded:

Notice the fuckingly doofy "durrrrrrr!" face of Der Chimpleton as he keeps tugging on the door.

This is not:

Now fuck off.