January 30, 2009

A season of hope, reconciliation, and generosity

With all other problems solved, Faux Nooze and their dipshit freetard dittospankmonkeys have nothing else to do but obsess about their own miserable failures:

It took four years for Google to address the Google bomb that was lobbed at former Pretzaldent Bush the Unmitigated Disaster. But it took the internet behemoth only a few days to defuse the same attack on President Obama. Four years versus a few days ... Some mouthbreathing conservatard spermburpers are asking why...

Because fuck you, you're stupid. Jeebus fucking Christ in a go-cart.

"Though the spirit of change may be in the air in Washington, some things apparently stay the same," Google software engineer Matt Curtis said. "Like the braindead asswipe circlejerks on the right. Don't these idiots have bigger issues to worry about? Fuck me."