January 13, 2009

What Would Ronald Reagan Do?

He'd be as deranged at the very thought of CommanderGuy McBunnypants as the rest of us, apparently.

Conservative yambag at the conservaturd rag Human Events slams Chimpy von Pretzal for not being a conservative, and lambastes fellow rightwingnuts for praising the miserable little fuckweasel:

The argument that President Bush “kept the country safe after 9/11” has been made numerous times in conservative circles in the final days of his Presidency. That doesn’t make the argument any less absurd. It’s fascinating that conservatives give the credit to Bush instead of the troops; it’s bizarre that conservatives of faith credit Bush instead of Almighty God. In truth, Bush deserves little, if any, credit for “keeping the country safe” -- because the Southern border remains as porous as it was before 9/11.

It’s disturbing to see the American right downplay this reality as it rushes to give Bush a pat on the back for his actions as President. In fact, considering Bush’s repeated betrayal of conservative principles, it’s odd that conservatives are willing to give him anything besides a cold shoulder.

It’s horrifying to see certain conservatives make excuses for Bush’s errors.

Bush is unworthy of conservative defense or praise. It’s ridiculous to argue that he has kept the country safe when the Southern border remains unsafe. It’s ridiculous to argue that he will be vindicated by history when there is a litany of evidence to the contrary.

Next: DNA recovered from the body of conservative columnist D. R. Tucker leads investigators to unhinged nutbar Michelle Malkin.