January 13, 2009

Angry psycho John McCain a redfaced angry psycho

The erstwhile straight-talkin' maverick will rip the throat out of anyone who dares bring up the cataclysmic fail that was his running mate.

John McCain looked every bit the seething, uncomfortable vanquished rival in that first, awkward post-election press conference. It sounds like he's kind of still that way. The defeated Republican presidential nominee won't be doing any press or TV interviews for "at least several more weeks," his people tell Politico. And he's clearly still angry at former running mate Sarah Palin, for going rogue:

He especially wants to avoid discussions about his relationship with Palin, whose nomination as McCain’s running mate was either the best or worst thing that happened to his campaign, depending on who you talk to.

Mwaaaaaaa! The change we deserve.