February 20, 2009

Doughy pantload: "mmmrrrrrrrll! Ffffrgh wffff nrrrgh blllrrrr!"

"Some of my best friends are black people! Well, they would be if I actually knew any," sez basement-dwelling goober Jonah Goldberg through a mouthful of Cheetos:

Hey, black folks, do you know any white folks? Good. OK, I want you to go up to them right now and, as politely as you can, start sharing your most deeply held racial views. Hey, white folks, you're not off the hook. I want you to go and do likewise with any black people you know. Don't want to do that? Really? Well, then, you're a coward. That's the short version of Attorney General Eric Holder's* speech this week celebrating Black History Month.

Lawdy! What a dipshit! Wtf is this guy's problem? And how does he manage to keep getting paid for this crap?

Disclaimer: I only was able to peruse a small portion of this steaming heap of drivel. When I tried to see the entire piece at townhell.com, it chucked me completely out of the interwebs. That's it: I'm complaining to Michael Steele.

*Who does NOT have a bright blue scrotum. That we know of.