February 20, 2009

GOP legislator: Sarah Palin is "Dan Quayle with a ponytail"

Caribou Barbie needs to keep a potatoe lodged in her gob permanently, says anonymous source.

In yet another ringing GOP endorsement for her potential as the 2012 candidate of intellectual curiosity, nuanced thinking and political competence, a fellow Alaskan Republican likens Sarah Palin to the doltish, phonics-failure of a former VP while a prominent party strategist advises her to "disappear for a while."

Meanwhile, a commenter at the WaComPo has a simple suggestion for the beleaguered ditz:

Between now and 2012 Sarah has time to buy a clue, but she's got a helluva lot of catching up to do. For starters, she could very quickly triple her foreign policy experience if she were to simply have breakfast at the International House of Pancakes.