February 2, 2009

McConnell: GOP senator may not take Cabinet post

In this season of hope that we can rise above the corrosive polarization of recent years, Pres Obama offered a cabinet position to a republican. And in the spirit of generosity, the Senate minority leader -- the petulant, weapons-grade cumbucket Mitch McConnell -- got his panties in a bunch.

U.S. Sen. Judd Gregg won't take the job of commerce secretary in the Obama administration if his appointment would tip the Senate balance of power in favor of Democrats, the pudfaced, phizmelting mofo McConnell puled on the Sunday morning yakfests.

McConnell, who resembles a badly-aging tranny who's been hit in the face with a sheep, suggested that a deal had been struck to ensure that New Hampshire's Democratic governor, John Lynch, would not name a Democrat as Gregg's replacement.
Who the fuck is this guy? A deal??? A FUCKING DEAL???!?! And if the tables had been turned? Come on, Dems! Jeebus Christ! Grow a few!    You know, fuck this. Why try this bipartisan/postpartisan shit if its only going to be one-way. Fuck it. And you know what you can do to the "Democratic" governor of New Hampshire. Fuck him too. Gawd.