March 18, 2009

Al Gore invented the internet

And thanks to that we can report on the latest faux-outrage getting conservatards' modest, Christian coalition-approved panties in a bunch.

Some spluttering wankrag at

As if Sarah Palin hasn’t been torn apart enough by the media, try this one on for size: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is the equivalent of Britney Spears. That’s right. Pop culture writer Jed Gottlieb compared the former GOP Vice Presidential candidate to pop icon Britney Spears saying both women are manufactured stars with “baby drama” and a “podunk back story.”

“Britney is not Madonna,” Gottlieb writes. “Britney is Sarah Palin. She’s a manufactured star aimed at the lowest common denominator.”

Sarah Palin was ripped to shreds by the media within days of her emergence on the national stage as former GOP presidential candidate John McCain’s running mate.

Wrong: the media loved her. They were fawning all over her, calling her a "maverick", a "new star that shook up the race", a "true outsider who shook up the old boy network", an "ideal running mate for McCain". She was all over the news, 24/7, the greatest thing in lipstick. I was getting diabetes just listening to it. It wasn't until her horrible interviews were put up on youTube that things started to change. So snap out of it.

The character assassination of Sarah Palin was so rampant, that Gottlieb’s assault on her character is just one more to add to the growing list of Palin-haters.

Wehhh. Wehhh wehhh wehhhh. Palin-haters are poopyheads! Why can't they be more respectful! Stupid brainless twat. And Hillary's a lesbian! Fuck you.

Another dip-hole at the dcexaminer opines "Now that the Obama presidency is nearing the 60-day mark, lets all of us Palin-lovers reflect on the glorious things Sarah would have accomplished had she been vice president. The stock market would be like, nearing 200,000, the British Prime Minister would have gotten a woodie instead of a set of DVDs, and magic pitbulls would be flying out of my ass!"

Well, it was something like that. Only stupider.