March 28, 2009

It's good to be the king.


Beaverboy said...

The cat named Maru was a funny old soul.
She wandered around seeing life through a hole.
Her kink with the bags caused quite the commotion.
Brown paper to Jersey girls are like a love potion!

Maru the Bagcat

Anonymous said...

That is one gorgeous kitteh!

Is it possible to get a group shot of your Tribe? (asking a lot, I know) :)


Rhode Island Rules said...

Life's too short not to be King (or Queen as the case may be).

Catherine said...

And a mighty handsome king he is, to be sure? King can has name?

However, a nitpicky nitpick. Aren't thrones generally made from, oh, I don't know - gold - instead of, uh, pillows?