March 28, 2009

Undie Lib Economic Crisis

Amid all the shitty economic news we have been seeing, hearing and experiencing lately, it's not all bad here at the new Liberal Manor. I just completed a 60 hour week. Yessiree, 20 hours of sweet, premium, time and a half pay, which is almost what I'm worth. While many people all across the land are unemployed or working four days a week, I'm pulling down some serious coin lately. I feel very fortunate.

Here's the funny thing. Guess what I do for a living? Nope I don't deal drugs and I'm not a pimp. I am a Manufacturing supervisor. For an automotive supplier. In Michigan. Hard to believe isn't it?
70% of our business is with Ford as the sole supplier of valves for their new six speed transmission, and apparently they are selling quite a few of them. Having recently become a very single guy, living on my own, the extra money is coming in quite handy.
After a few more paychecks like I have been getting. I'll be able to afford to sweep Maru off here pretty little feet, marry her, have a few little Maru Libs, and live snarkily happy ever after......again.
We were soulmates in a past life or two.
BTW, you will all be invited.
I hope you have a great weekend.


wangmo said...

I KNEW IT!!!!!!1111!1
Sweep Maru off her feet, UL, but please let her
brilliant artistic witty snark run wild through the tubes for as long as her wit and insights care to, and both of you talented people continue doing your political snark that helps save the planet with verbal machetes.

"...a few little Maru Libs" and baby UndieLibs roaring around. Ahhh, what a great thought. Gives "Leave it to Beaver" a whole new meaning . Well, I know Egon will keep you wildasses in line.

Where will you two register for your wedding gifts?

Undeniable Liberal said...

And a few Undie Marus
But, I digress.

maru said...

LOL xxxxxooooo!

Anonymous said...

Are you guys serious? Or are you being stalked by Undie Lib, Maru?

It would be cool if you were serious.

Wangmo said...

Maru-Undie & Undie-Maru for Presidents in 2048--first Man & Woman (brother & sister) Dual Presidency decades after their parents annihilated the Returdlicant party thereby elevating the collective I.Q. of American politics 80 points whereupon the wisdom of Liberal policies were fully comprehended to be the best ideology for creating a prosperous intelligent healthy society of humans with integrity, and finally fulfilling America's Dream for all to be HAPPY Happy Camper, INDEEEEEEEED!!!! HERE HERE!!!!!!!

Undeniable Liberal said...

Our evil, liberal plot exposed!

wangmo said...

Just kidding.

::mwah:: said...

that's so romantic :)