March 24, 2009

Moon over my hammy

The Washington Times thinks Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot.

Well, OK, maybe not, but they defended Obama from the faux-"moral outrage and lectures" that ensued from the suddenly-PC crowd after his remark about the Special Oympics:

Mr. Obama showed no clear pejorative intent. Context matters in speech, and the offended in society often fail to recognize that.

Furthermore, none of this ginned-up controversy is really the point. The fundamental right of freedom of speech in this country applies to presidents as much as anyone. Obama is allowed as to say impolitic things as long as they don't hurt the country. It also lent humanity to Mr. Obama, something rarely displayed by presidents in public and that certainly would not have been on display had he stuck with the canned responses he surely discussed with his White House handlers in advance.

Most importantly, the President has real problems to address beside hurt feelings. The PC police need to relax and learn to take a joke.

Typically, its readers reacted with outrage, insults and racial comments.