March 23, 2009

Outrage after Fux Noise panel rips soldiers

Why do the 101st Fightin' Keyboardists at Faux Nooze hate the troops?

As Canadians mourn the loss of four more fallen soldiers in Afghanistan, a videotaped segment of an American TV talk show the rethuglican propaganda nutwork where panelists mocked Canadian soldiers as slackers is making the rounds on the Internet. The five-minute segment, which aired recently on Fox News late-night program Red Eye with Asshole and later posted on, features American panelists rightwingnut troglodytes suggesting Canadian soldiers need time off for "manicures and pedicures."

Ottawa-based Conservative Geoff Norquay called the segment "insulting and beneath contempt."

"In a week when we lost four more brave soldiers, Canada deserves better from this so-called news network," he said. "I really wish there was open hunting season on autofellating shitbags such as these," he shoud have added.

Fox News was not immediately available for comment.

I don't know why -- it certainly hasn't been that long since the last time they had to apologize for saying something completely fucking stupid.