March 18, 2009

Who was the bigger dick? Cheney or CNN's John King?

Via dKos, let's review some of the questions posed by the most trusted name in news to the secretive, warmongering torturer:

  • When you look at that budget, $3.6 trillion, do you think that is consistent with what he promised in the campaign or do you think he is overreaching his mandate?

  • As you know, there is a debate in this town about whether the president is trying to do too much, too fast ...

  • I want to show you one more newspaper headline in this segment [from the evangelical rag 'Human Events']. This is a newspaper many Americans might not recognize, but I read it and I know you read it ... Is the president of the United States trying to brazenly deceive the American people?

  • When we come back, President Obama has made some significant changes to the way the United States fights the war on terror. Will those changes put the country in more danger? We'll ask former Vice President Dick Cheney ...

  • Are you convinced the new president is listening to his commanders and not bound by his campaign rhetoric?

  • So I want to give you a chance, because many people will say, Vice President Cheney just said Barack Obama, President Obama is making us less safe, more at risk, which you just said. I want to give you a chance -- and take as much time as you want -- to prove it.

  • Pathetic. And I did not make any of those up, or rephrase them in any way.

    Much more of our conversation with the former Vice President Dick Cheney ahead. What's life like after the vice presidency, and how's his health? We'll ask when our exclusive interview with Mr. Cheney continues in just a moment. Don't go anywhere.

    Go to hell, turdboy. Next: are his grandchildren as charming as he is, and can I blow him a third time? What a disgrace. What, was Jeff Gannon busy??

    "Dick! Call me!"