April 16, 2009

The mourning after

A Freetard asks, 'so now whadda we do?'

"The Goebbels Media {Sigh - Ed.} has ignored or insulted, with vulgarity, the participants of the Tea Parties which were held across America. In typical Goebbels Media fashion, the turnout numbers were undercounted, the message misrepresented. What better way to portray those who care about America as the fringe, kooks, extremists or malcontents? Minimize the impact, marginalize the masses. Even the media which did support or provide honest coverage of the events felt the necessity to play up "bipartisanship" and question whether this was a one day movement..."

Your tears are so, so sweet. Nurrrrrmmmmzzzzzzzzzz. He goes on...

"Now the hard part, maintaining the momentum. There is a normal reaction to expending energy; salmon die after spawning, humans go to the local ice cream parlor or drop onto a sofa."

And some of you spit out a wad of tabaccy, beat the wife an' go coon-huntin'.

Hint: Be... like... the salmon! Be... like... the salmon!

Feh - just wait until Rush cums on-air, he'll tell you what to do.