April 16, 2009

Ah yes, the bipartisanshipness of the teabaggers --

"Hey Big Brother: Show us Your Real Birth Certificate"
"Blackbeard Obama, King of the Tax Pirates"
"Taxpayers are the Jews for Obama's Ovens"
"Obama: the New face of Hitler"
"No pirates died when Bush was in office"
More pics here. Consider yourself warned.

Those messages might explain why Fox News, though actively promoting the "tea party" protests for tax day, tried to argue that it was not behind yesterday's coast-to-coast events. But Fox News analyst Tobin Smith, who took the stage in Lafayette Square yesterday, evidently didn't get the memo. "On behalf of Fox News Channel," he told 500 mud-spattered demonstrators, "I want to say: Welcome to the Comedy Channel of America, Washington, D.C."

After a few preliminaries, he went into a Fox News commercial for anchor Glenn Beck. "Anybody watching Glenn?" he asked to cheers. "That was a shameless plug, wasn't it? Glenn says hello as well. He's out at another tea party." Indeed he was, as were Sean Hannity and Neil Cavuto.