April 7, 2009

Party before country

Pukes say it may take a few more months -- say, like until maybe around the time of the next election -- to resolve the Sen. Al Franken/shameless partisan douchenozzle "standoff." Can't say it any better than BuzzFlash:

Minnesota GOP hack governor Pawlenty won't sign Franken election certificate, thus ensuring his place on the Wall of Republican Infamy and denying the citizens of Minnesota the Senator that they are owed.
Time for Minnesotans to stand up and do the pitchforks-and-torches thing.

Comment from here: "It is clear that republicans are in the obstructionist mode. They just cannot conceive of the fact that they lost the election. When they have exhausted the State courts, they will appeal to the US Supreme court. And if they lose there, it wouldn't surprise me if they come up with some whacko idea of trying a world court. Basically, they are saying, 'We absolutely refuse to accept the will of the voters.' Their strategy is to obstruct and delay. The audacity of republicans who have rigged elections all over the country using these tactics against Franken in Minn., is criminal and should be treated accordingly."

I don't know how criminal it is legally, but they should all be run out of the state on a rail, yes. A rail smeared with acid and razor wire. And bears.

And from teh interwebs: "Ahh, those true patriots. Millions of Minnesotans being taxed without representation? No problem, if it benefits the party. To heighten the irony, I wonder how many of those same "never surrender" asspipes have also said "We should have us one of them tea parties to show B. Hussein how much we love freedoms!""