April 16, 2009

Republicans have lost it

Republicans have lost their grip on Congress, the White House and their sanity, but they claim to have anger over taxes on their side as boatloads of ignorant, mouthbreathing cretins obeyed their masters' voices and turned out for mass circlejerks yesterday.

Then again, maybe not. From a lol-worthy piece in the Vancouver Sun, which also slams Fux Noise:

Turnout tepid in U.S. for modern-era 'tea parties'

Anti-tax protests elicit few 'tea-baggers'

A Fox News-hyped U.S. anti-tax movement has failed to bring about the "popular uprising" its creators had hoped for.

The day of "tea parties," pushed by Republican operatives and partisan advocacy groups such as FreedomWorks, which sought to protest U.S. President Barack Obama government's tax and stimulus policies by encouraging people to "wave tea bags," brought about only a few hundred "tea-baggers" in most parts of the U.S., despite relentless promotion by Fox News TV hosts.

Participants had hoped to rally hundreds of thousands of people to begin a grassroots movement that would force Obama to change government policy. But the turnout was far from what was hoped for, especially compared to the 2006 immigrants' rights rallies or the 2004 pro-choice march on Washington, both of which attracted millions.

Rising popularity in the polls for Obama, a strengthening economy, and the unfortunate choice of name for the movement ("tea-bagging" is slang for a sexual act) are considered the prime reasons for the failure of the event, but recent exposure of the groups behind the protests also drove some away.

LOL. Awesome.