April 16, 2009

Slackjawed goobers leave basements

The Redneck Daily Chaw, our local rag in this heavily-conservative area, reports that about 100 old, fat & white dittomonkeys showed up for the town's teabagging yesterday, while a few anti-American dirty-hippie-types looked on in bemusement.

A letter to the editor of the paper today asks "where were these teabaggers eight years ago when total govt spending grew 33% during Bush's first term?" and blasts the Herald for falling for the "bipartisan" crap: "these parties have been promoted heavily by Fox" Nooze, who "sent out their big guns to 'cover' these events." "This is not a grassroots movement... it is being organized and promoted by Fox News [sic] Corp" and right-wing activist groups. We'll look forward to reading tomorrow's misspelled, outraged replies.

Bonus: Urban Dictionary has updated its definitions --

Teabagger: A conservative activist who is so ignorant that they protest against tax cuts (that benefit them) by throwing tea into a river.

Teabagging: The mornic (sic) act of conservatives/Republicans sending used teabags to lawmakers because they think Obama is a Nazi.

The teabaggers are already planning their next event, a Flagpoling and Roman Candle party, to take place on July 4th in Morristown, NJ. Heh.