May 13, 2009

Analysis: attacks by baby-eating cyborg may not help GOP

To the chagrin of rebooblicans looking to rebuild their tattered, clueless party, Dick Cheney has grabbed the spotlight, handfuls of squirming, yelping puppies.

As [the Party of No] seeks to broaden their appeal and create the proverbial big tent after dismal showings in the past two elections, siding with Limbaugh shows Cheney is "not an institution builder," John Black, professor of history at Southwestern Maswegan College, said. "He's not erecting tent poles. He's knocking them down, then using them to skewer bunnies for his BBQ grill."

One thing is certain: the glee among Democrats who are only too happy to see Cheney and Limbaugh pour like repellent, semi-gelatinous lardballs into the rethuglican leadership [sic] vacuum.