May 13, 2009

Party of No continues to live down to its name

The Morally Bankrupt Party of Permanent Irrelevance is finally ready to introduce a policy proposal... to call Dems "Socialists."

When RNC committee members meet in an extraordinary special session next week, they will approve a resolution rebranding Democrats as the "Democrat Socialist Party."

"The GOP's own rebranding failed. Now, they're going to try to rename the Democratic Party," says Joe at AmericaBlog.

RNC Chairman Michael Steele didn't want the meeting to be held, but members exercised "a rarely used party rule that allows any 16 RNC members from 16 different states to demand a special meeting" forcing Steele's hand.

I can just picture it: ehhh, who cares what the black guy thinks? He's just a figurehead anyway.

Bonus wtf: the repukes are using taxpayer money for their non-listening "rebranding" tour.