May 15, 2009

Bush/Cheney tortured to justify war

Former VP a loathsome mountebank, News of the Duh reports.

Dick Cheney keeps saying "enhanced interrogation" was used to stop imminent terrorist attacks, but evidence is mounting that the real reason was to keep him out of prison for war cri.... uhhhh, was to invent evidence linking Saddam Hussein to al-Qaida. Joe Conason:

Looking back, we now know that coerced confessions were highlighted by administration officials promoting the case for war with Iraq...

We need a serious investigation, with witnesses including the former vice-president under oath, to determine what he and his associates actually did with the brutal powers they arrogated to themselves -- because instead their actions cost thousands upon thousands of American and Iraqi lives, all in the service of a political lie.

Yeah, good luck with that. Even though they're now in control, Dems are still craven pussies who just want to be luuuuuuuuvvvved. Douchewads.