May 4, 2009

George W. Disasterfuck, repuke pariah

The "flawed man with an outsize ego" who almost destroyed the country is just not feeling the love from his fellow Rove-holes: "Why would we go back and try to defend the guy who doubled the debt in the last eight years?”

[T]he 43rd president's first 100 days back in Texas are proving that the onetime favorite son is about as popular as swine flu. The state’s Republican politicians and candidates, who just a few years ago eagerly latched onto his electoral coattails, are staying away in droves.

"There’s no reason for anyone at this point to embrace the former president,” a top Texas GOP consultant says. “People have their own battles to fight. Why would they want to go back and try to defend torture or anything else?"

He described the attitude of Republican politicians on the end of the Bush presidency as one of relief. The political environment for the Texas GOP is "toxic," he says, before adding with specificity: “it was toxic because of Bush."

[W]hat will Bush’s legacy be? Waterboarding? Guantánamo? Iraq? The laissez-faire attitude toward regulation that contributed to the meltdown on Wall Street? Or will [Drinky McGameBoy] be remembered for spending 490 days—nearly 17% of his time in office—on vacation? A scant 100 days after George Walker Bush returned to Texas as a pariah, it’s clear that he will have to wait a long time for any possible redemption. And none of his fellow Republicans are willing to wait with him.

My tiny violin was eated by rotifers, so I'll have to just end this with a 'bwahahahahaha!'