May 4, 2009

A “threat to the country”

Or, "it was OK when a rethuglican did it!"

How quaint. The Republicans are concerned about checks and balances.

Bill Kristol, the [always wrong] editor of the Weekly Shitpile, tried to put the best clowny-face on [the Specter defection], noting, “This will make it easier for GOP candidates in 2010 to ask to be elected to help restore some checks and balances in Washington.”

This is quite touching, given that the start of the 21st century will be remembered as the harrowing era when an arrogant Republican administration did its best to undermine [the very checks and balances that are so worried about now, the hypocrites. Fuck you].

The officials who actually represented a threat to the country while they were running the country are continuing to defend themselves. But they just end up further implicating themselves.

-- Maureen Dowd, w/some revisions for clarity.