May 8, 2009

Hating America

It just got even stupider.

The Morally Bankrupt Party of Permanent Irrelevance picks its next battle --

Devastating recession? Check.
In the midst of two overseas wars? Check.
Swine flu outbreak? Check.
Dijongate? Check.

Mustard. Honestly. Comments from teh interweb:
Doesn't all of Texas put mustard on their hamburger?

Hell, South Carolina uses it as a barbeque sauce base.

Who the fuck cares about the mustard?

This sort of worthless shit pisses me off. Seriously, mustard?

Hannity is just the ShamWow guy at this point. Sans the hookers. So far.

I get it, Sean. You're too much of a pussy to eat spicy food.

Next thing you know they are going to call [Obama] an elitist for washing his hands after using the bathroom, or weak for apologizing after burping.

Thanks, fark!